Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can avail of a loan from UPLiFT?

UPLiFT offers business loans to micro entrepreneurs as start-up capital for new businesses or as additional capital for those who already have one.

Do I need a collateral when applying for a loan with UPLiFT

No, a collateral is not needed when applying for a loan with UPLiFT

What are the basic requirements when applying for a loan?

Interested applicants would need to visit the nearest Branch Office and attend an Orientation where they will be familiarized with UPLiFT and its services. It is also at the Branch where they will be asked to fill-up and submit the UPLiFT Application Form (UAF). A Loan Development Officer (LDO) will then conduct a CI/BI as well as a Home Visit to assess the applicant. Qualified applicants will then submit a 1×1 inch ID Picture, a Barangay Clearance and a co-maker for the processing of their loans.

How are loan payments collected from Partners?

Loan payments are usually collected by the designated Loan Development Officers (LDO), on a weekly schedule, in Area Clusters found in barangays where the Partners live.

How much loan can I get from UPLiFT?

New loaners can get as much as PHP 5,000 on their 1st loan with UPLiFT. Reloaners, on the other hand, can avail of loans up to PHP 300,000.