UPLiFT Renews  Contract with Generali

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Events

Generali - Renewal

UPLiFT renewed its contract with Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc. as the provider of Microinsurance services to its partners.  The event was held last August 16, 2022 at the Generali Office in Makati City. It was attended by Mr.  Edmon Sison (UPLiFT Executive Director), and Mr. Douglas Sanchez, (Generali Asst. Vice President).   Generali has been the Microinsuranceprovider for UPLiFT Partners since 2016.

FRONT (L-R): Lisa Dingalan (UPLiFT Fin. & Admin. Manager),  Douglas Sanchez (Generali  Asst. Vice President for Direct Sales), Edmon Sison (UPLiFT Exec. Director) and Grace Gelle (Generali Vice President for Partnerships)

BACK (L-R): Ronnie Quilaton (Generali Corporate Acct. Team Leader), Ida Paula Apaniada (Generali Bus. Rel. Manager), and Jonnel Sesalim (UPLiFT MI Officer)